Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Week 11 – April 16 & 18

 Tuesday: Jewish Folktale Tradition
READ: “The Rabbi Who Was Turned into a Werewolf,”
“A Dispute in Sign Languages” (42-44)
“The Rabbi and the Inquisitor” (157-158)
“Chelm Justice” (176-177)
“The Magic Mirror of Rabbi Adam” (276-282)
“It Could Always be Worse” (408-409) on Blackboard under Course Documents

Thursday:  Native-American Folk and Fairy Tales
Read: ”How Men and Women Got Together” (68-72),
“Deer Hunter and White Corn Maiden” (121-123),
“The Flying Head (233-234),
“How Mosquitoes Came to Be” (350-351) and
“The End of the World (474-475) on Blackboard under Course Documents.
Blog Entry 9: This entry should be either about the Jewish folktale tradition or on the Native-American stories and how these are distinctly different from those of European origins. What is unique about them?) Blog is due by Sunday, April 14.

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