Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week 9 – April 2 & 4

Tuesday: Cinderella: Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Read: “Introduction: Cinderella” (101-107)
“Yeh-hsien” (107-108)
Charles Perrault, “Donkeyskin” (109-116)
Brothers Grimm, “Cinderella” (117-122)
Joseph Jacobs, “Catskin” (122-125)
“The Story of the Black Cow” (125-127)
Lin Lan, “Cinderella” (127-131)
“The Princess in the Suit of Leather” (131-137)

Thursday: “African-American Storytelling Tradition”
Guest Speaker: Dr. Deborah Johnson-Ross, Interim Dean of Faculty
Read: “The Best of the Brownies’ Book” on Blackboard under Course Documents.
Blog Entry 8: This week’s blog entry should be either on Cinderella or the lecture by Dr. Johnson-Ross.
1. Cinderella
is one of the so-called “rise tales”, which features a narrative arc of “rags to riches through magic and marriage” (Ruth Bottigheimer). Using the film as an example, write a reflection on this motif. Can someone reach success or riches with magic, marriage, charm, etc.? How realistic is that? OR
2. Write a blog entry about the African-American Story-Telling Tradition and the lecture by Dr. Johnson-Ross. What makes African-American folk and fairy tales unique? How are they different from others we have read?  Blog is due by Sunday, April 7.

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